A Modern South Africa Journey

We received a submission from a man named Mendel, who shot some fantastic footage while in South Africa. The cinematography is mesmerizing, transporting this nation’s beautiful land, culture, and people right to you. You can really see in the genuine, smiling faces of children and adults how beautiful we all are and the underlying harmony that always wishes to emerge. Watch and notice you can feel the peace that Mendel celebrates all throughout this video.  

Here is a message from the creator: “Hi there! My name is Mendel & I recently visited South Africa with my wife. I brought my camera with me & shot a bunch of video footage & I just finished editing a short documentary. I ended up inspired by the story of what took place in the country the past couple decades with the fall of Apartheid, while also aware of the challenges which remain ahead. It’s also Heritage day in South Africa today!”

A Country Reborn

In honor of Heritage day in South Africa! ?? Enjoy this short & inspiring travel video I shot on my last visit!

Posted by Mendel Katz – Cinematography on Sunday, September 24, 2017

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College Student Quits School To Follow His Dream


Do you want to work for someone else’s dream? Or yours?

Yes, sometimes following a passion can be risky. Passions don’t always stay on the path society has laid out for us. Danny McGee knows this all too well. He went to college just like he was “supposed to,” but he still always found himself wanting to travel and experience the world outside of a classroom. So against the urgings of others, he took the risk.

This video will show you what came of his decision to drop out of college and go in the direction of his passion. Even going into the unknown, we will always know we are on the right path as long as we stay with our passions.

Only one way to find out: click this link, and pass it on to others to encourage them to follow their path.

Spoiler alert: you may encounter some of the most breathtaking places you have ever seen. And you may even feel inspired to steer your own life in a slightly different direction.

This was a My Uplifting Content Submission. Thank you Danny for submitting your work to the Uplifting Content Community. We are so grateful to you for making a difference and uplifting people in your own special way.

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Why Do We Travel?

Man sitting on a rock by the sea.

Going to new, far off places can be exciting, scary, enlightening–so many things. Commonly, we think about traveling as a way to “get away,” relax, and have fun. Or to experience a new culture, see impressive works of art and architecture, try new food, meet new people.

But have you ever thought about the nuances of why we travel and what it does for us on a mental level? Jason Silva has some intriguing insight you may have never considered, about the psychological, metaphysical aspects of being in a brand new unfamiliar place. Hear his thoughts on what traveling does for us on a deeper level.

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WHY DO WE TRAVEL?Thanks Jason Silva

Posted by Uplifting Content on Friday, June 30, 2017

The Seven Life Lessons Of A World Traveler

Man standing on the lake.

In this three-minute video, Michael Graziano of Global Degree shares seven eye-opening lessons gained from visiting 72 nations in the last three years.

As you listen to universal wisdom about making the most of life, this video’s unique shots of sprawling landscapes are sure to encourage your mind’s own expansion. Seeing the world from these perspectives will remind you that the universe has your back, and that it’s up to you to make life incredible.

By the end, this traveler’s simple yet profound ideas will make you want to get up and make life happen on your own terms. So go seize the day! But first, watch and share this video

Travel The World While Getting A Degree

Three students sitting on the stairs stalking to each other.

The best time to travel the world just might be while you’re in college. Even better would be to travel the world and go to college at the same time, right? Global Degree Academy will take you to 20 countries, and that’s in just eight months. And all for the same price as college tuition. With online courses and a traveling professor, the world becomes your Ivy League classroom–and your playground, and your home.

Watch this video to take advantage of an experience to last a lifetime. If you have that feeling that you don’t want to sit still or feel limited, then get up and go!

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Global Degree Academy

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How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

Person holding a globe scale model.

Take a look at this beautiful video! The breathtaking shots of places all over the world make it look so easy to just go anywhere. And actually, with this Global Degree program, it is kinda easy.

All you have to do is imagine the world as you would like it to be, and take action. This video encourages you to let go of things you can’t control. And then, go make your dreams a reality! The possibilities are up to you.

Check out the link for some more life-enhancing lessons and thought-provoking questions. If you have that feeling inside you that you want to get up and see the world for all its beauty and opportunity, watch this, be inspired and go for it! Share these great travel tips.


6 Concepts To Help You Afford Travelling The World.by the AWESOME Global Degree

Posted by Uplifting Content on Saturday, January 7, 2017