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Uplifting Stories

True Tales To Inspire You To Action

If you can’t bear to watch the news lately, you’re not alone. Luckily, Ione Butler is here to offer you an alternative— This collection of inspirational narratives, is sure to change your perspective—and maybe even restore your faith in humanity.

About the book

As the founder of Uplifting Content, a social media platform followed by over 1.4 million people, Ione Butler has interviewed some of the most inspiring people in the world. Here, she shares their remarkable stories and the lessons they’ve learned to help you through life’s many challenges.

Among the amazing folks you’ll meet is Kyle Maynard, a motivational speaker and the first quadruple amputee to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics—thanks to his “no excuses” attitude. You’ll also meet Destiny Watford, a high school student whose passionate activism helped save her town, once dubbed “the most polluted zip code in America,” and Kouhyar Mostashfi and Greg Smith, two men from Ohio with completely opposing political views who have done the seemingly impossible and set aside their differences to become great friends.

At the end of each story, you’ll also find exercises to help you take action in your own life—whether by asking deeper questions about what’s important to you, forging new connections and nurturing existing relationships, or reflecting on the contributions you wish to make in the world.

The stories explore themes like human connection, service to others, and the pursuit of passion. Butler, who struggled with depression herself, firmly believes that focusing on the good in the world helped bring her back from the brink. Uplifting Stories reminds you that the world is still full of great people—even if their voices sometimes get lost in the noise.

Uplifting Stories will be published by Simon & Schuster and released on September of 2020.

About the Author

Ione Butler

Ione Butler is a British actress, host, voice-over artist, and entrepreneur, and the founder of Uplifting Content. Based in Los Angeles, Ione can often be found traveling for work or fun.


Kyle Maynard

Kyle is a quadruple amputee who has never let that stop him. He has bear crawled to the top of mountains, is a best selling author, philanthropist and speaker with a “no excuses” philosophy.

Doniece Sandoval

Doniece is the founder of Lava Mae, a non-profit that provides access to showers and critical services for the unhoused community, which helps to remind them of their value and dignity.

Kenan Heppe

When his roles started drying up in Hollywood, Kenan, an American actor found fame and success in television and film, after moving to China and learning Mandarin.

Destiny Watford

At 16 Destiny took a stand against plans to build the largest trash incinerator in the United States, less than a mile away from her school and succeed.

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